Biology student share experiences from internships in the Arctic
Biology student share experiences from internships in the Arctic

When the light returns – and my experiences in the Polar Garden

Hello Again.

The sun is on her way back 🙂

Pandemic precautions

It’s more than a month for me already living in this small, fascinating place. I got to experience the cold and the arctic survival and safety course – also known as 1001 ways to die in Svalbard. This course is mandatory when taking semester courses and offeres a great practical experience which can be useful for any kind of fieldwork I’m going to carry out. Most interesting content from the outside: rifle training at the shooting range, getting out an ice hole on your own after jumping into in your snow scooter suit, polar bear safety = if you can, leave the area! But the most important learning outcome – if you don’t know, don’t go! (But there are plenty of people you can & should always ask before going on a trip!)

My work at Polar Permaculture so far is very diverse and fortunately very praxis oriented with current priority on the growing area. I learn how to assemble equipment, how to always find a solution even with limited resources which is basically life. Here I can utilize my geoecological knowledge with regards to the growing conditions for the plants, and I can use and improve my skill to improvise. I’m going to learn something about the economics of a company soon as well, which will be very useful knowledge in any potential future job, especially when having your own company. With my colleagues I feel very welcome, and they provide a good mixture between supplying me with tasks and letting me work independently.

The interior changes continuously but still, I want to give you a little inside of where I’m spending my internship hours by showing you this little movie 🙂

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