Biology student share experiences from internships in the Arctic
Biology student share experiences from internships in the Arctic

The final blog post

We are now in the end of May, and my work with SIOS Knowledge Centre is almost done. I wanted to do this final blog post as a video, but the time flies so fast up here and suddenly it was time for the last post. It feels like I have been here for such a short period, but at the same time it feels like I have been here forever. I have really enjoyed my time here on Svalbard, and I don’t feel ready to leave just yet.

A perfect day, Longyearbyen seen from Plateau mountain, “Platåfjellet”.

As I mentioned in my first post I tried entering this internship without too many expectations, which I’m glad I did. This has really been a period of learning by doing, where I have had the chance to try new tasks I haven’t done before. I’ve gotten more responsibility than I first thought I would get, which has been a bit scary sometimes in case I would do something wrong. My main tasks has been with social media, and during the weeks it got easier publishing on Facebook and making news articles on the website.

I also acquired new skills during the planning period of the webinar with logistical work, inviting speakers and also planning my own talk. This webinar on terrestrial biology made me utilize some of my biological knowledge as well as learning how to communicate scientific projects. I think I had some regrets right before it started, but I’m very happy that I went through with it as it’s an experience I will bring with me for future projects.

These days I’m contributing to an e-learning program, making information available in the Observation Facility Catalogue and co-organizing an online conference in remote sensing. My main tasks with this conference has been social media, and now I’m working on some ppt-slides that will be used during the conference. I will also be the convener on some sessions. I have never done this before, so it will very much be a learning by doing experience that I’m looking forward to.

I’m happy that I got the opportunity of taking this internship, I feel like I have gotten many transferable skills I can use in future projects and jobs. Even though it hasn’t been many biology related work tasks, I still feel like I have had use of my biological knowledge in the sense of understanding different topics within earth science here on Svalbard.