Biology student share experiences from internships in the Arctic
Biology student share experiences from internships in the Arctic

First weeks of the internship

… light is coming back

Hello again!

We are now in the end of February, the sun is slowly on its way back making a sky of pastel colors and showing us the surrounding mountains of Longyearbyen. The transformation from completely darkness during the polar night truly has been an amazing experience. The lighter days has given better opportunities to explore Svalbard, and I have gotten to visit the ice cave on Scott Turnerbreen as well as Barentsburg.

Earlier I had an introduction meeting with the staff at the Knowledge Centre, where I learned about what their work tasks at SIOS are. During the internship I´m excited to get the chance to work with different tasks, and getting new experience. I haven´t started properly yet with any work tasks, but am going to get ready some Facebook posts this week that can be published during the year. I am also going to help organize an online conference on remote sensing that’s being held in June, which I´m super excited about. I think this will be a great learning experience where I´ll learn more about different aspects of remote sensing and how to organize a digital event like this.

Because of the restrictions I have had home office together with the rest of the team, but now I have gotten an office space I can use when working. I think being in an office will make it easier for me to feel like I´m at work, although most of the communication with the other personnel will be mostly digital. During the next week I will plan which days to work for SIOS, and together with Christiane get an overview and getting properly started.

So far I haven’t utilized my biology knowledge, but I´m sure I´ll find my knowledge and skills acquired during my education useful in some future work tasks. I´m excited to start the internship properly and peak into various topics over the next few months.


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