Biology student share experiences from internships in the Arctic
Biology student share experiences from internships in the Arctic

Time flies by!

Since I last wrote you, my internship has consisted of pretty much my usual every-day schedule at the school. I go to the school four times a week, where I participate in my regular classes. On Mondays and Tuesdays, this means helping out in the 9th grade mathematics class, and on Wednesday I usually have 8th graders in natural science before I have my little “bio-group” in the end of the day. On Thursdays I have a full day at the school, consisting of natural science with both 8th and 7th grade, In addition to SFO in the afternoon.

High School Students at Longyerbyen school. These were the winners of both the tournament and the dress-challenge!

This Wednesday was a bit different, all the kids at high school and middle school had a ball tournament! They were all dressed up in creative costumes, and you could win prizes for both best play and costume. This meant that most of the classes this day were cancelled, so I took some time to do preparation work for the coming weeks, in addition to of course cheer a little for the kids who were playing. As I was doing my preparations and looking at the schedule, I realised how we are approaching the time for their exams terribly fast. Time flies by! Knowing that the school has two weeks of Easter break, this means that we have very little time to go through all the material for the “bio-group”. This requires some good planning, and maybe we have to put in some extra hours for the group during the week, just so we can have time to go through everything. 

In this period, I think the most important things I have learned is organising and planning ahead, so that we manage to go through all that we had planned for. In addition to this, I can really notice that I have come close to the student, and that they start to trust me allot. This trust also brings responsibility and challenges, where you not only have to be their teacher purely academically, but also help them out in other fields. I really appreciate that they feel that they can come to me as a trusted adult!

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