Biology student share experiences from internships in the Arctic
Biology student share experiences from internships in the Arctic

Being a part of Longyearbyen school

Hi again!

After a couple of weeks at Longyearbyen school, I feel that I have already gotten to know the staff and students that I am working with, and I am really enjoying my time here!

In the beginning there was a bit of logistics that had to be done regarding my time schedule, figuring out which classes I would be participating in and what kind of work I would be doing throughout the semester. I have now gotten a set schedule, and are very happy to follow 3 different classes in mathematics and natural science! I now work with children and youth in different stages of their education, which gives me a great experience. In addition to this, I am leading a small group of biologist students at the level of high school once a week. In this group I have the opportunity to form and set up a working schedule for them throughout the semester, and follow them all the way through their class. Here I also get to utilize my previous biological knowledge, and I get a hands on experience on how it is to distribute work and on forehand prepare classes for a group of students. The students are eager to learn, and I find it really enjoyable to read and try to prepare the class in the best possible way for them.

The staff at Longyearbyen school is very welcoming. It is great being a part of a staff where we together work to better the students learning outcomes and everyday life at the school. I already feel needed and very included in the staff. I have the impression that I am participating in a good way to Longyearbyen school, which is great! I have also started to get to know the students, and it is fun to see how fast they pick up information and learn. It is very rewarding to already see their development from class to class.

I am looking forward to continue this work, and see where it develops. Right now it is looking very promising, and I am happy that I have gotten an opportunity to work in such a good environment.

Write you soon,

best regards Dagny

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