Biology student share experiences from internships in the Arctic
Biology student share experiences from internships in the Arctic

Recent work and reflections

This last period I have not been working very much. This because of the intensive period with the conference earlier, as well as saving working hours for my block work coming up on data management in May. Lately I have mainly been reading up on the data portals I will use during this work. Then I will write biological data into a DarwinCore standard dataset model, before this dataset will be put out on the web portal GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility). DarwinCore provides a standardized way for writing datasets. The goal is that everyone will use standardized categories when writing up data, so it is easy to compare and incorporate with others datasets. The use of this data portal will contribute to more effective and less resource-demanding research, where scientists can use their time on actual research, rather than rewriting data sets and searching for a long time for data not easily accessible. GBIF is a web-page where lots of biological data are shared from all over the world. This web-page also contributes to the important process of making data more available for everyone, to improve data sharing end research efficiency.

The GBIF web portal I will put out the biological dataset in the end of my internship

As I have one normal student-course together with the internship, I really enjoy the practical part of the internship. Here I have a much more active role, and work with specific tasks. I get the feeling of doing useful work and actually achieving something. Whereas when being a student only taking normal theoretical courses, the role is much more inactive, just participating in lectures.

I have gotten many transferrable skills during my work at SIOS. During the conference planning, I got lots of experience with planning an event, both logistically and with regards to the content. Planning conferences, meeting and other events is probably something I will do later so this knowledge is very useful. I have also gotten much more experience in working within a small group. At SIOS Knowledge Centre we are most of the time just 7 people there. This mean you get to know all your coworkers well and easily get integrated to the group. The advantage with being such a small group is that it is a low barrier for asking for help or discussing problems with your coworkers if you have a task you struggle with. In all future job perspectives collaboration with your coworkers is important, so I am thankful for the experience I get regarding to this.

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