Biology student share experiences from internships in the Arctic
Biology student share experiences from internships in the Arctic

Internship and Covid-19

The situation for the past few weeks has been heavily influenced by Covid-19, and with all lectures cancelled it was uncertain whether the students could proceed with the internships. As measures were taken to avoid contact and potential contamination risks, the students were advised to work from home, something that could easily be facilitated by LL. They have provided a PC and all communication goes through emails and Teams, something that has worked really well. 

Throughout the last couple of weeks we have been working on a project description for the recipient survey (mentioned in the last blog post), and are now in the process of making the final decisions in regards to this. Much of this information is classified and cannot be disclosed here. 

Having a biological background provides the foundation for understanding much of the issues discussed. It has been interesting to learn about the fjord systems and processes in Adventfjorden and Sassenfjorden, and the possible anthropogenic effects on the fjords. Previous studies have analyzed the composition of the benthic communities and the ecotoxicological conditions, which are highly relatable to marine biology and toxicology. Such datasets are crucial for establishing a baseline for future monitoring programs.

This project will include two field sampling excursions, one in May and one in August, which will be conducted to distinguish seasonal characteristics and differences. Hopefully the current Covid-19 situation will have no impact on these events, so that they can be carried out as planned. 

Overall I find the current tasks varied and enjoy working on this subject matter as it is relatable to biology and it broadens the horizon for how biologists can use their knowledge. 

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