Biology student share experiences from internships in the Arctic
Biology student share experiences from internships in the Arctic

Blog post nr. 01 – pre-internship thoughts and introductions

Heyo, I am Oline, a 28-year-old girl from Sandnes, Norway. I study biology at the University in Tromsø and am now located in lovely Longyearbyen for the last semester of my bachelors. These next few months I will enjoy having an internship at Longyearbyen School, in addition to work on a research project on reindeers in Bjørndalen. This blog is dedicated to share my experiences from my internship position, as well as my understanding of how to apply biology skills in elementary and secondary education.

My previous work experience within the field of biology comes mainly from excursions and field trips at my home university. However, when reflecting upon it I think so many things can be classified as ‘within the field of biology’ because in itself it is such a wide and comprehensive subject. Having worked on farms and vineyards I think that I have gained some useful practical insights that are applicable for biology studies as well. I also had an internship as a ‘Sustainability Pilot’ at UiT where I learned bits about management and conservation-policies, and this too might be useful as a future biologist.

With this internship at LYB School I expect to see new ways of using biology skills, and I hope I will get to develop my creative ones as well. In general, I love doing practical work and getting some hands-on experience. It is definitely my preferred way of learning, and I am excited to have this opportunity through UNIS.  


One of my first few days in Longyearbyen. Already so happy to be here!

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